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Having acute or chronic pain? Low back pain? Neck, shoulders pain? Frequent headaches? Are you bloat or swollen from tummy tuck, lipo or BBL? We have the experience, the skills, and knowledge to improve your quality of life. Text or call us at 256-620-1554 to consult with us to identify the best suited style and continue to adapt in-session.

We offer Therapeutic massage, Swedish Relaxation massage, Post-op massage, Lymphatic Drainage massage, Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Pregnancy massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki/ Energy Work, exfoliation with seaweed body wrap, and couples massage. Furthermore, we are post-op lymphatic drainage experts that treat scar tissue, fibrosis (lumps), and seromas caused by cosmetic surgeries/ procedures. With our experience and body contour techniques, we will help you achieve your snatched with techniques like wood therapy massage. We are a safe environment for anyone and everyone. We welcome everyone! We do not discriminate, and accept everyone regardless of sexual preference, sexual identity, religion and skin color. We are gay friendly and LGBTQ+ friendly.

Choose Your Massage

SWEDISH MASSAGE- If you are looking to relax or pamper yourself then Swedish massage is for you. Swedish Relaxation massage is light to medium pressure that will help your muscles relax.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE- Looking to relieve your low back or neck and shoulders pain? Then this massage is for you. Deep Tissue massage is firm to deep pressure massage that will break scar tissue and/ or muscle adhesions — as known as ‘muscle knots’.

SPORTS MASSAGE- Are you looking to release muscle tension, improve circulation, and encourage removal of lactic acid caused by physical active activity such as running or lifting weights? Then this is the massage for you. Sports massage deals with sports injuries, sprains, strains, or general sports maintenance. Sports massage is firm to deep pressure with stretches that will improve muscle or joint mobility.

HOT STONE MASSAGE- Are you looking to relax while releasing some muscle tension? Hot Stone massage is for you. This type of massage uses warm oil and hot stones to help warm up the tissue, improve circulation, and relieve muscle tension.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE- Are you looking to relieve some of the swelling caused by cosmetic surgery (lipo, tummy tuck, facelift, or BBL) or orthopedic surgery (knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder or ankle surgery)? Or are you looking for a general detoxification that will help you relieve some of the bloated feeling and/or sluggishness? Then lymphatic drainage massage (or post-op massage) will be for you. This is a gentler massage that will aid in improve the lymphatic system which will get rid of excessive fluid. This massage is also excellent for lymphedema and oncology patients.

COUPLES MASSAGE- Are you looking to spend more time with your partner, friend, or family? Then couples massage is for the both of you. This massage is provided in the same room and can be customized to a Swedish Relaxation massage or Deep Tissue massage. Booking ahead of time is essential -especially Friday through Sunday or holidays.


At Magnificent Benefits Therapeutic Massage, if you can’t come to our clinic, we will come to you. Our mobile massage or outcall massages services are the following: couples massage, lymphatic drainage massage, and Swedish/ Relaxing Massage or Deep Tissue Massage. We highly recommend booking at least one week in advance for your outcall massage and a $50 deposit fee is mandatory. Traveling fee may be applied.


Magnificent Benefits Massage Cancellation Policy- Please note that once you have booked your massage appointment with us, it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you. If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before it is scheduled to take place, you will be subject to 100% charge. No rescheduling is allowed until the bill is paid.


First time clients can request an appointment by submitting the form below. Call or text (for quicker response) at 256-620-1554 to set up your appointment. Massage members are able to book using MassageBook website under the SOCIAL MEDIA TAB and clicking MASSAGEBOOK icon.

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