Elite Loyalty Program

Elite Massage Therapists has been asked by many clients for a discount or loyalty program. We are excited to introduce The Elite Loyalty Program for regular clients. There are no membership costs or contracts that have to be signed. This is how the Elite Loyalty Program works: when a client gets a massage within 30 days of their previous session, the subsequent session will be 10% discounted. For instance, if a client comes in January 1st the rate for a 60 min deep tissue will be $100. If that same client returns for another appointment on January 22nd, then the price for the massage will be discounted to $90. A regular client is essentially getting every 10th massage free! If the client comes back past the 30 days of their previous appointment, then the price will go back up to $100

Sessions at Elite Massage Therapists book up quickly and we tend to stay booked for several weeks out, please try to schedule in advance or book recurring appointments. We cannot guarantee the client will be able to schedule at the desired appointment time with your massage therapist of choice within 30 days of your previous appointment without advanced booking. If you do not see a date and time available, please call the respective massage therapists to see if we have any cancellations or to be added to our waiting list. If the client wishes to book recurring appointments for the same time/ day every couple of weeks or every month, just ask your massage therapists to set it up.

*The Elite Loyalty Program cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, packages, or post-op lymphatic drainage packages (post-op lymphatic have a discount of their own).

MassageNormal RateElite Loyalty Discount
Swedish 60mins-90mins$90-$120$81-$108
Deep Tissue 60mins-90mins$100-$130$90-$117
120 mins Massage$180$162
Sports Massage 60mins-90mins$100-$130$90-$117
Pre-natal/Post-natal Massage$95-$135$85.5-$121.5
Hot Stones 60mins- 90mins $100-$140$90-$126
Lymphatic Drainage $100different membership**
Couples Massage 60 mins$200$180
Couples Massage 90 mins $270$243
This is a comparison of price differences between a normal rate/ introductory rate vs an Elite Loyalty Member. **Lymphatic Drainage Massage is excluded from this discount, since those members already have a discount.

Post-op Lymphatic Drainage Membership

Post-op Lymphatic Drainage clients have a membership discount of their own. There is no contract to be signed or extra charge for a membership price, the only thing the client has to do is purchase a post-op lymphatic drainage package and the client will automatically be considered a member. After the post-op lymphatic drainage package session have been used, the subsequent individual massage will be at $90. This is implemented to encourage maintenance massage as swelling will linger up to 18 months post-surgery. If the client is inactive for more than 90 days, they will no longer qualify for the membership price unless they purchase another package.

MassageNon-memberElite Member
Post-op Lymphatic Drainage 60mins-90mins$100-$150$90-$130
Cellulite Lymphatic & Slim Waist 60 mins$150$130
Facial Lymphatic Facelift 60 mins $135$120
Slim Waist Massage 60$150$130
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