Post-op Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Importance of post-op lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massages are crucial during the post-op procedure, because they contribute with patient recovery. In addition to this, there exist another benefit that provides this technique: 

  • This type of massage accelerates the healing of skin and tissues.
  • Improve blood circulation and stimulates the immune system.
  • Reduce swelling and pain after the surgery.
  • Diminishes recovery time.
  • This massage contributes to the removal of anesthesia and medicines used during the operation.
  • Hydrates skin and improve its look.

Post-op lymphatic drainage massages are crucial to purify your lymph system and liberate it from an excess of fluid.

*Client above received two post-op lymphatic massages for 3 weeks and this was the result.*

How is a lymphatic drainage massage treatment?

A plastic surgeon will recommend getting a professional lymphatic drainage massage. It is important to note that only licensed massage therapists and nurses that are certified and trained in lymphatic drainage massage can perform such arduous massage. Aside from that, most massage therapists are trained in lymphatic drainage massage but not post-op lymphatic massage. At Elite Massage Therapists all of our massage therapists are trained and certified in lymphatic drainage massage, post-op lymphatic massage, and specialize in post-op cosmetic procedures.

In general terms, lymphatic drainage massage consists of a series of soft and concrete movements, which are made in a particular order that looks for stimulating the lymphatic system. It is not a deep massage, but light, skin stretch massages. Deep massage is contraindicated after surgery since it damages the healing tissue.

Lymphatic drainage massage is applied to facilitate drainage of lymphatic fluid so that we can avoid the appearance of edema or swelling. A highly trained lymphatic drainage therapists will know how to redirect the excess fluid so the body can get rid of it via urinating. Expect to lose a couple of cm in a session. Also, do expect to urinate more after the massage up to 72 hours -this is a good indication that the lymphatic drainage massage is performing its job.

Likewise, lymphatic drainage massage can prevent possible fibrosis or hardening of the skin. Furthermore, lymphatic drainage massages will help you to alleviate your possible discomfort and pain after the surgery. For example, bruising can be painful and uncomfortable.

*The picture shows a client’s first visit compared to her last visit. Client completed a series of 12 post-op lymphatic drainage package. This client went to Sono Bello in Nashville to get her smart liposuction procedure. *

Lymphatic drainage massage after cosmetic procedure. Why?

Once you get cosmetic surgery, during the healing process, your body produces swelling. When a plastic or cosmetic surgery is made, especially tummy tuck and liposuction, natural tracks of the lymphatic system are interrupted due to the areas treated in those procedures.

Thus, lymphatic drainage massages are necessary to relax the body, diminish scars, enhance the immune system, alleviate pain, and remove toxins from the tissues.

*This client got her cosmetic procedure in Sono Bello Nashville office. She got a liposuction 360 with tummy tuck procedure. Picture shows first session compared to her last session of the 12 series of post-op lymphatic massage. Client continues to come to maintenance lymphatic drainage massages. *


The massage therapist will measure you and take pictures to see the progression. With measurements and pictures, we can note where the fluid is accumulated. Then, the massage therapist will start with light and rhythmic strokes to stimulate your lymphatic system and your fluids. First, it is crucial to decongest your lymph nodes in the neck, underarms, groin and abdomen. Then we focus on re-routing the excess fluid to the pertaining lymph nodes.

Lymphatic drainage massages are not deep, some areas might be uncomfortable due to the healing process but should never be painful. The flow of lymphatic drainage massage should be light, gentle and circular movements, with changes of rhythm, to improve blood circulation, removal of wastes, toxins, and other substances. It is essential to stimulate the lymphatic system so that your body could work efficiently and extend your health benefits.

Lymphatic drainage massage costs may vary between $100 and $125. If you are paying under $100 per lymphatic drainage massage, you are most likely getting the wrong massage. Remember there is a difference between lymphatic drainage massage and post-op lymphatic drainage massage. At Elite Massage Therapists, we offer lymphatic drainage packages from 6 sessions with just lymphatic drainage massage or 6 and 12 sessions lymphatic drainage massage in conjunction with other treatments to help sculpt your body.


Prolonging a post-op massage puts the client at risk for the inflammation and swelling to turn into fibrosis, which is a permanent hardening of the area. Without lymphatic drainage massage the inflammation can evolve into fibrosis or seromas can form. Clients should be receiving first post-op massage day 2 and wait no longer than 2 weeks after surgery. Studies have suggested that waiting after 2 weeks, the client would have already accumulated fluid and hardening of the skin which makes it difficult to get rid of the fluid, fibrosis, and scar tissue.

Below are the suggested number of massages for popular cosmetic procedures.

For liposuction (anywhere) with incision sites left open: 2-3 times a week for first 3 weeks. 1-2 times a week for week 4 to week 12. Hardening spots after liposuction is normal and lymphatic drainage massage and advance techniques will prevent the formation of fibrosis and scar tissue. A minimum of 10 sessions is recommended with just liposuction cosmetic surgery.

For tummy tuck drainless or drains: 3 times a week for 2 weeks, 1-2 times a week for week 3-6, and once of week till week 12. “Fibrotic spots (shape like a small ball on TT scar) will appear week 6. Wood therapy, red light therapy, and other advance techniques will improve circulation/ lymphatic system to improve mobility if muscle repair was included. These techniques will also promote skin tightening.

For Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): Lymphatic drainage on lower extremities/ legs is strongly recommended first 2 weeks to promote lymphatic system and circulation so fat transfer/ fat cells can successfully harvest and to avoid necrosis of the tissue. No lymphatic drainage on hips the first 2 weeks. Recent studies have demonstrated that lymphatic drainage massage is recommended for BBL surgery after 2 weeks of surgery to avoid fibrosis/ hardening of the tissue. The only way to get rid of fibrosis in BBL is via surgery. If fibrosis occurs in the hips after surgery, it will have the appearance of cellulite.

A minimal of 10 sessions are recommended to see some results and 20 to see optimal results.
Clients that purchased a lymphatic drainage package, will automatically become a member and will get the discounted member price for maintenance lymphatic drainage massages. Maintenance phase was created for clients to continue to help mold their sculpted body.

After 10 AMAZING post-op lymphatic drainage massages. Patient is post-op Lipo 360 and Tummy Tuck

Cancelation Policy: Post-op Lymphatic Drainage Massage

At Elite Massage Therapists a CREDIT CARD must be on file to reserve a spot and when purchasing a lymphatic drainage massage package. A 72-hour notice of cancelation is expected to avoid any cancelation fees. A 48-hour cancelation will result in a charge fee of $55. Less than 24-hour notice or no show will result in a charge fee of $100.

We offer three different packages. 1st package is recommended for those that are looking to receive JUST lymphatic drainage massage. Some doctors DO NOT recommend any advance techniques to help mold and sculpt the body and would prefer just lymphatic drainage massage. 2nd package will include lymphatic drainage massage plus advance techniques to help mold and sculpt your body. These techniques will reduce hardening spots, decrease fibrosis to prevent scar tissue, and promote skin tightening. When purchasing this package, you will get red light therapy in every session. Charge will be 1st session and 3rd session. 3rd package includes lymphatic drainage massage, advance techniques to promote skin tightening, quicker recovery, and prevention of fibrosis/ scar tissue. Red light therapy in every session + gift basket that will help with pain and scarring. Charge will be 1st session, 4th session, and 8th session.

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